Create Your Own Pixel Art and Share It to the World

How does it feel to have a colorful gallery? How do you achieve that? You can make your pictures beautiful through color by number using the pixel art game app. Not only that, the game allows you to capture the best shots using the pixel art camera and turn the photos into pixel art.

You can create your own pixel art on the game app by following a few steps. First, you need to download the pixel art coloring app. Then select the picture you wish to color. Using your two fingers, zoom in the image until you see cells with numbers. Select your preferred colors from the palette and start coloring the matching numbers cell by cell.

How to create your own pixel art

Only a few steps are necessary. They include:

  • Visit Google play store and get yourself a pixel art coloring app. You can download the app and play the game while offline.
  • Choose from the many artworks available or create your own artwork. You can select an image from the gallery or use the pixel art camera to capture a photo and use it.
  • Using your two fingers, enlarge the image until you see cells with digits. The cells have numbers placed randomly in each. Some digits match while others don’t.
  • Choose your preferred colors from the palette and paint those pixels with similar numbers one after the other. It is not a must for you to be online or in a place with Wi-Fi to play the game. You can do your coloring anytime, anywhere.
  • When you finish coloring the cells with matching numbers, you will remain with a beautiful picture to share with your friends and the world.

How to share your pixel arts with the world

Pixel art game app allows you to take timelapse videos of your pixel arts. You can quickly share your beautiful videos via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For instance, you can make a video with various colorful pictures and post it on your Facebook or Instagram wall for the entire world to see.

Another option is to send the video via email to those people you want to view your work. However, you must have their email addresses for you to send them the video. You can also upload the videos on YouTube and invite people through a link to view them.

What to look for in a pixel art coloring game

  • The artworks. The best pixel art coloring game has over 10000 both 2D and 3D free artworks. You are also at liberty to create your own artwork. They are the items or objects you will choose to color. They include unicorns, landscapes, sweets, flowers, and color by number mandalas.
  • Daily new pictures. With the pixel art app, you receive daily picture updates into your gallery. Therefore, you will always have new unique images to share with the universe. You also receive a daily update of the coloring pages. Thus, you can never run out of options.
  • Pixel art camera. The camera is also a picture maker. You can select photos already on your phone and pixel them for free through color by number. The other way is to use the pixel art camera to take images and convert them into pixel art.
  • Easy gameplay. Pixel art games have a simple and intuitive design. The game comes in various difficulty levels, from easy to the most challenging ones. Therefore, beginners can start with the simple stages, while advanced players can continue with the most challenging ones.
  • Coloring tools. The game gives you coloring tools like the magic wand and color splash to make the painting faster. The magic wand is suitable for coloring pixels with similar numbers. The color splash works best by painting an entire area.
  • 3D artwork coloring. There are 3D coloring objects that enhance your coloring experience. Through that, you can create high-quality images.
  • Quick sharing. You can post or send the time lapse videos to your friends and the world.

Benefits of the color by number game

  • The game makes you relax and let go of stress.
  • It is the best way to have fun during your free time.
  • You can boost your concentration through coloring.
  • You get to exercise your coloring skills and bring out the inner artist in you.
  • The game is calming and helps unwind.

Key takeaway

Color by number game provides you with a colorful picture gallery to share with the world. The steps to creating your pixel art are few and simple to master. All you need to do is select your image, zoom, and paint matching cell numbers. Many things help make the game fun. They include daily pictures, pixel art cameras, artworks, easy gameplay, among others.