Data Destruction: What Is It & Why Your Company Needs It?

Data destruction and IT asset disposition is the process of properly disposing of computer hardware. You destroy the data you no longer require and create documentation that attests to its proper disposal. Certified data destruction shows that your information is disposed in an environmentally-secure and digitally-safe manner. What’s more, it ensures that you are choosing a certified, reputable entity to provide disposal.

You can’t just dispose of information – you need proof that it was done correctly. This means receiving the correct documentation from a reputable company who knows exactly what they’re doing. A certified entity can offer the most comprehensive documentation through auditing the information. If your company adheres to regulations concerning sensitive information and hazardous waste then this is imperative.

Let’s find out more about the best data destruction Melbourne has below:

How does it work?

Data destruction occurs in two ways:

  1. Physical disposal through a shredder, and;
  2. Digital sanitisation.

Shredding produces a recyclable product and certification whilst sanitised devices can be reused if necessary. You will receive a detailed log of every asset through sanitisation. These reports show that your organisation adheres to its responsibilities to protect sensitive information including:

  • Client names
  • IDs
  • Software or equipment serial number
  • Brand or model of equipment utilised for information disposal
  • RAM size
  • Model and serial numbers for hard drives
  • Hard drive size
  • Disk sanitising technique
  • Bad sector number
  • Pass complete number

What are the benefits of this service?

There are numerous benefits to this service, including:

  1. Simple disposal

This makes it easy if your company has electronic devices or hard drives that have reached their end-of-life cycle. It is easier to choose a third-party to handle the job for you. Typical third-party providers will collect your e-waste and take it for secure disposal. Disposing of e-waste can be incredibly difficult and even unsecure. Therefore, it is always recommended that you have a certified and reputable provider to do so on your behalf!

  1. You will have peace of mind

Having a company dispose of your information will provide peace of mind that it is safe. It is the most secure way to dispose of e-waste. It’s the only way you can truly be sure that no one will compromise your information.

  1. Protect your clients & staff

There is no better way to protect sensitive information than through proper disposal. Your company contains sensitive information from both your clients and staff. If it reaches its end-of-life cycle then it must be securely destroyed. You must securely destroy information like names, addresses, bank card numbers, phone numbers, tax file numbers and more. We have recently seen in Australia on numerous occasions how dangerous information leaks are for clients and companies alike. Therefore, you must securely destroy it to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  1. Be compliant

Your business is liable to hefty penalties if sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, the best way to avoid a costly disaster is through ensuring any unneeded information is properly destroyed.

  1. It’s better for the environment

Your company, like many others, may be looking to reduce its carbon footprint. When e-waste is properly destroyed it keeps technology out of the tip. This is beneficial as e-waste has toxic chemicals that can damage water supplies and soil. So, not only are you protecting your company, but you are helping to protect the environment it operates within, too!

So, do you think it’s time for an office cleanout? Call the experts to get the job done properly.