Do You Know The Best Three Rated Free Anti-virus Software Packages?

There are lots of individuals who wouldn’t consider installing free anti-virus software. And that is because they are cynical about anti-virus vendors who develop these free programs and believe they will use them as marketing gimmicks to hook people into purchasing full anti-virus software. Whether these claims are true or otherwise, free anti-virus software plays a significant part within the security software realm.

However, there are lots of free anti-virus and antispyware programs which are produced by cybercrooks. Which rogueware (rogue security software) programs are made to fleece unsuspecting users. They masquerade as genuine security software packages and at first glance seem to scan your computer and discover adware and spyware. But the truth is they’re Trojan viruses and adware and spyware threats and bear together spy software that steals your individual information for all sorts of dubious activities.

To outmanoeuvre these adware and spyware threats and safeguard your computer from all sorts of cyber threats, you have to be knowledgeable about highly rated free anti-virus software packages. There are lots of high quality ones to select from, but we have found 3 which have the very best features and tools.

Here is our listing of the very best 3 rated free anti-virus programs:


AVG Anti-virus is among the most downloaded free anti-virus programs. It features a history of supplying excellent defense against all sorts of adware and spyware threats. And it is full version is among the top ten anti-virus programs.

Compared to other of their competitors, AVG Anti-virus is really a complete version and never some watered-lower version. This is among the reasons it is so popular and it is protecting countless computers all over the world. It provides an in depth interface with the features and tools in one location but is straightforward enough for simple use and configuring.

One factor you’ll be familiar with whenever you download it’s AVGs constant indication to cover the professional program. However it performs this without getting when it comes to the program’s objective of protecting you against infections.


Avira like a number of other top anti-virus software packages has a number of security products because of its different customer types. After which her free version which enables you to employ it indefinitely and also to test onpar gps.

There is nothing to prevent you from upgrading fully anti-virus program though, which supplies much more protection. However the free version isn’t any light-weight and it has been rated by experts among the best free programs. It features a simple interface which includes easy-to-understand tabs, occasions and reports, on this page.


Avast is really a solid protection program. And like its other security siblings, it keeps your computer free from adware and spyware threats like Trojans, infections and spy ware. It does not annoy you with constant reminders to upgrade fully compensated version and you may update it every year using the new edition. Avast also cleans your computer of damaged files and temporary files that slow it lower.


Another best free anti-virus software packages are Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s an all-round protection program and works perfectly using the Home windows operating-system and Home windows Defender. And also the three anti-virus programs in the above list work efficiently along with other free programs like Malwarebytes which safeguard your computer from spy ware threats.