Tasks Your Digital Agency Will Perform To Help Your Website

When your company has a website that you rely on to generate sales for your business, unless you have the expertise yourself, you may need to use an SEO agency in Malaysia to assist you. There are various quality digital agencies you can choose to work with to help increase your website’s online visibility, and there are multiple tasks they can perform. Below are some of the different jobs they may carry out to benefit your website and help drive traffic to your site and give your business a boost.

A Website Audit

A website audit is often necessary to gauge the most critical areas to work on first for your digital marketing campaign. There are various issues that your website audit can pick up, such as:

  • Duplicate, missing, short, or long Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  • The Hierarchical structure of pages using the H1 to H6 headers
  • The internal linking of the website
  • Errors with the website including 404 errors
  • Web pages that lack content
  • txt & sitemap issues
  • Any broken aspects of your website

Once you have a complete and comprehensive website audit, you can prioritise the fixes that will benefit your business the most. You can then work on these and look at the other issues when you have time or budget available.

The Speed Of Your Website

You need to ensure that your website loads quickly and correctly on all types of devices, and a reputable agency can help you with this task. The loading speed of your website is a vital factor to look at that can affect your rankings and the bounce rate of your users. If your website takes too long to load, the user will click off and go to your competitors, which you want to avoid. You can see the current speed of your website on desktop and mobile devices by clicking here and entering the URL of your site. Your agency can then assist in speeding the site up to make it load quicker and help reduce your bounce rate.

The Backlink Profile Of Your Website

You can also have your agency look at your website’s backlink profile and ensure there are no toxic links that are potentially holding your website back. They can take stock of your website’s backlinks and go through them to judge their quality. If they find links that are low quality and potentially toxic, they can add these to the disavow file and tell Google to ignore them.