Future Tech and the Hiring/Firing Process

How the technology of the future will aid in everything from recruitment and onboarding, to end of contracts.

The digital world is affecting everything we do. We open the Internet first thing in the morning and check it several times through the day. We use it for work. We use it for play. We use it to find out useless facts that we’ll probably never use again. This insipid use of technology has made its way into every aspect of how we do business. Including how we recruit staff and how we let them go.

The technology of the future is going to play a significant role in how we manage staff selection. We already use certain significant programmes to find staff, onboard them and educate them on their role. We already have set programmes which help us select the poorest performing members of staff should the need arise. With so much employment data already at our fingertips, it will be interesting to find out where we go from here.

How is hiring and firing affected by technology?

We already rely on technology to help us headhunt the best staff members. Cloud computing has made it possible for us to be able to headhunt from across the world. You could potentially have the best team assembled from across 10 different states with your head department in Hong Kong if you wanted to. Remote work is the new normal, as we can all agree.

It’s not just where we recruit either. It’s how we recruit. If you take a site such as Hays Technology, for example, we can see that there are multiple ways for you to spot talent. You can advertise your position as it becomes available and then choose the best candidate for the role from those who apply. But now you can also browse through CVs of potential candidates and invite them for interview by yourself.

Two way recruitment platforms like that are becoming increasingly popular. In the future, however, things may be even more smooth.

Future technologies that could affect hiring and firing

As the digital world advances, we will rely increasingly on technology during the recruitment process and at the end of contract. Some of the technologies we predict will have a significant impact on hiring and firing are as follows.

Business automation

It’s a natural progression that we should start applying automation to the hiring and firing process. For example, if you wanted to browse for positions, you could load a search box to retrieve candidates that meet your exact requirements, and then you could browse a smaller, narrower niche of CVs, which would allow you to get your answers quicker.


Computer learning is the way of the future. It makes sense that we would apply computer innovation to everything that we could. In a world where we’re all focused on saving overheads, employing computer programs saves us money.

Algorithm Applications

We are already seeing the news articles of the first employees hired and fired due to an algorithmic program. This is code which outlines certain criteria. If you don’t meet it, you get passed over for more efficient employees. It sounds a little terrifying, but it could save businesses millions.